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Operating in Aotearoa since 2017, Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec (WGA) brings local expertise backed by an international reputation built over 40 years.

We understand the Aotearoa / New Zealand market, and our clients are serviced from our Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland), Kirikiriroa (Hamilton) and Ōtautahi (Christchurch) offices, supported by the scale and certainty of WGA’s Australian operations which guarantees the same quality performance each and every time.


Across the country, we are renowned for our work in Managed Aquifer Recharge, integrated water management, hydrology, hydrogeology, water quality, geochemistry and groundwater.

Our local capability in Ports and Marine and Wastewater is expanding to offer holistic civil engineering services across the whole water cycle.

We don’t believe that one size fits all. Instead, we take time to tailor our services to our market with a client focus approach and a commitment to safety and quality, meaning your projects are in safe hands no matter the complexity.

Our People


Joint Regional Manager  / Principal Hydrogeologist HMTN

BSc (Earth Science); MSc (Technology) (Hons)
Clare is a Senior Hydrogeologist with 20 years of experience in hydrological resource investigations. Clare’s main focus is the sustainable management of groundwater resources and connected surface water systems. Clare worked in two Regional Councils as a Groundwater Scientist over a period of nine years. Council provided her with a wide experience base in multiple hydrogeological disciplines and the application of regional plans and policies in managing groundwater resources. In addition, she has been an expert witness in multiple consent hearings and environment court cases. She has led groundwater investigations and modelling projects recommending resource allocation policies. Clare has a strong interest in managed aquifer recharge and broad experience in groundwater numerical modelling for resource management purposes and in mining environments. As part of these projects, she has gained skills in communicating technical recommendations and groundwater policies to the general public and technical groups through reports and public meetings. Clare develops strong ongoing relationships with clients and focuses on finding appropriate and innovative solutions for client needs.


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Joint Regional Manager / Principal Hydrologist AKL

BSc; MSc-Eng (Water Resource Engineering)
Bob has over 20 years of experience in the field of applied water resource research including hydrology, hydrogeology and the biophysical sciences in both the public and private sectors. He joined WGA in 2017 as a Principal Hydrologist and WGA’s Regional Manager in New Zealand. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated an ability to act as a catalyst for the implementation of innovative solutions to water management issues. Through his award-winning stakeholder consultation and leadership skills, he has developed ‘first of their kind’ catchment-scale aquifer restoration projects in North America, Australasia and the Middle East. In the Pacific Northwest (USA), he led the first Managed Aquifer Recharge groundwater replenishment programme aimed at restoring aquifer levels and riverine baseflows for the recovery of critically endangered salmonids. Since relocating to New Zealand in 2010, Bob has spearheaded the development of four nationally recognised MAR pilot testing programmes by working closely with multistakeholder partnerships on both the North Island and the South Island. The projects are the first of their kind in developing New Zealand’s approach to integrated water resource management.


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Ports and Marine Lead NZ

Chartered Civil Engineer New Zealand
BSc (Hon.) Civil Engineering, MSc Water Resources Management, MSc Coastal Engineering, MBA
Growing up in a coastal town just north of Durban, South Africa, Richard was never far from the ocean, frequently hitting the waves when the surf was up. Diving, spearfishing, lifesaving and salt run in his veins. This love of the ocean, combined with his civil engineering career, led to his specialising in coastal and maritime engineering to follow his passion.

Today, as a chartered professional civil engineer, he has 30 years of experience in civil, stormwater, water/wastewater, coastal and maritime engineering development and infrastructure projects across five continents. His work includes overseeing a range of projects from concept development, managing on-site investigations, and detailed design to final site construction and implementation. Richard has lived and worked in New Zealand based out of the beautiful Bay of Plenty.

With a love of technology and innovation, Richard has applied his engineering experience and understanding of complex systems to produce well-considered and workable solutions to meet and exceed client expectations. His attention to technical detail is matched by a strong commercial awareness, delivering high-quality technical and sustainable outcomes for all projects. Richard is highly organised, an effective communicator, personable and professional.


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Senior Hydrogeologist HMTN

BSc (Hons) (Geology); MSci Tech (Hydrogeology)
Catherine is a Hydrogeologist with a Masters in Groundwater Studies and over ten years of experience in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Catherine has gained experience in hydrogeological investigations through roles in both regulatory bodies and consultancy. Her hydrogeological assessment experience includes pump test analysis, regional scale water assessments, water quality monitoring, and project management. Catherine has managed a variety of projects ranging in value and complexity. Through these roles she has developed strong communication skills and professional relationships within a variety of teams.


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Senior Principal Hydrogeologist AKL

BSc (Geology); MSc (Geology); Post Grad Cert Applied Env. Geology
Brett is a Principal Hydrogeologist with more than 25 years of experience in hydrogeology, geology, water management and water quality assessment. Brett specialises in the evaluation, utilisation, management, and protection of groundwater resources and groundwater-dependent surface water resources. Over much of his career, Brett has worked in the mining and extractive industry field, undertaking assessments on the effects of opencast and underground mines and quarries, including waste storage. Brett has undertaken, supervised and reviewed numerous complex groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling projects using a range of software packages. These modelling projects have included the assessment of groundwater resources, mine dewatering and mine water management, managed aquifer recharge (MAR), Coal Seam Gas water abstraction and reinjection, waste storage, site dewatering and dam construction. Brett has prepared and presented evidence in Regional Council resource consent hearings, Regional Plan and National Policy hearings and in the Environment Court. He is on the resource consent reviewer panel of experts for the Auckland Council and has acted as an independent peer reviewer for the Environmental Protection Authority.


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Senior Principal Stormwater Engineer NZ

B. Eng. (Civil and Water) First Class Hons); M. Eng. (Water Resources);
Fellow of Engineers Australia, Certified Practicing Eng
A Senior Principal Stormwater Engineer Joe has industry-leading skills in surface water management with a focus on sustainability,  environmental management and  the integration of ecosystem services. He specialises in water-sensitive urban design and applies these skills across all scales of development and environmental projects. Joe’s work has taken him to China where he worked on the Sponge Cities Program, as well as Australia and New Zealand-wide.

With more than 35 years of experience, Joe has been acknowledged by his peers with State Awards for excellence for his industry-leading innovative projects, including erosion control management, waterway rehabilitation, constructed wetlands and infiltration/source control. He is a Fellow of Engineers Australia and is Chair of the Civil Engineering Advisory Committee at the University of South Australia. He has also presented at many technical forums to showcase his best practice approach to WSUD. Joe is committed to delivering practical and economical projects that achieve multiple objectives.


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Hydrogeologist AKL

BSc (Geology and Env. Sci); Master Water Resource Management (Distinction)
William is a Hydrologist with a master’s degree in water resource management and more than three years of experience in groundwater research. William has gained experience in hydrological investigations through roles in industry and consulting. His assessment and research experiences include regional scale groundwater/surface assessments, water quality monitoring and modelling, groundwater/surface water interaction, MAR operations and interpretation of analytical data. These roles have allowed William to develop strong communication skills and relationships with community and professional stakeholders.


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GIS Analyst / Hydrologist CHCH

BSc Geology with Mathematics; MSc Geographic Information Science
Monica is a geospatial specialist and hydrologist with nearly ten years of experience in the United States and New Zealand. Monica has an interdisciplinary background in geospatial services, hydrology, and hydrogeology through roles in software development, scientific research, government, and consulting. Her experience includes regional groundwater quality analysis, watershed modelling, predictive water balances, regional plan allocation, river network development, and spatial analysis for MAR feasibility studies and groundwater models.

Her spatial data management experience includes scripting, web map development, remote sensing, database design, field capture, spatial analysis, visualisation, and cartography. Field experience includes water sampling, stream gauging, erosion and sediment analysis, stream restoration, and surveying.


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Our Capabilities

We thrive by delivering complex projects and creating exceptional client outcomes.

Harnessing our collective skills and expertise, we dare to be different, providing sound, safe and world-leading engineering solutions to address the big challenges facing our clients, communities, and the world.

Armed with local knowledge and a passion for the natural environment, our team bring an acute understanding of freshwater management, coastal infrastructure engineering and design to suit New Zealand’s unique landscape and coastlines.

  • Our expertise in groundwater covers a large range of specialties from numerical modelling of aquifers to testing of individual wells for consent applications.  Our team has experience helping to develop groundwater resource protection policies and rules as well as working on behalf of clients in hearings and if needed in environment court.

    We are recognised throughout New Zealand as one of the top hydrogeology teams known for leading some of the most innovative and ‘first of their kind’ projects. Our focus remains centred on helping our government, private and industry clients manage their groundwater supplies for the increasing pressures posed by our changing climate.


  • Freshwater is a taonga and is at the core of the cultural identity of the tangata whenua.  The availability of high-quality fresh water is fundamental to the protection and restoration of our threatened aquatic ecosystems. Intrinsic to our landscapes, our freshwater environments support our way of life and the health and well-being of our people and communities.

    With over 100 years of combined experience, we think differently to offer innovative ways to understand New Zealand’s natural water bodies better.  From conducting stream surveys to developing collaborative monitoring programs, we merge western science principles into cultural health monitoring values.

    We have a strong record of working with community stakeholders and iwi to understand better how water moves through the landscape and ensure we manage these precious resources to achieve the desired economic, cultural, and environmental values and outcomes.

  • Ki uta ki tai (from the mountains to the sea) recognises the movement of water through the landscape, from rainfall that generates run-off and groundwater seepage, which supports our nation’s rivers, lakes, wetlands and estuaries.

    Managing large-scale water issues requires a systems-thinking, catchment-scale approach. 

    Derived from global exposure, our team has experience assessing and understanding groundwater and surface water interactions as they relate to resource management and protection. We develop programmes by building advanced numerical modelling tools that drive new policies, rules and strategies for New Zealand’s water management community.

    Integrating the interactions of surface and groundwater resources is regarded as the future of water management globally. We support clients in developing management plans, monitoring networks and leading applied scientific investigations.

    Responding to an emerging environment, we review and manage groundwater monitoring networks to ensure the best use of available resources. And, through a collaborative approach, our highly experienced team provide clients and the community with the best possible tools to develop sustainable management strategies for catchments across New Zealand.

  • Over the past 30 years, WGA’s water team have consented and worked at installing over 75 Groundwater Replenishment Schemes (utilising MAR) across Australasia, North America, and the Middle East.

    In New Zealand alone, our team have led the designs, consenting and technical analysis of more than 18 sites across Canterbury as part of New Zealand’s first community groundwater management programme.

    We are pleased with our achievements, having led the development of New Zealand’s first Aquifer Storage Transfer and Recovery (ASTR) Bore in Gisborne focused on restoring a coastal aquifer showing pressures from decades of overall abstraction.

    Both North and South Islands, we are leaders in the numerical modelling of MAR projects internationally. And across the waters, our Australasian team are global leaders in the technical development of MAR systems, including hydrogeology, geochemistry, engineering, community engagement, and consultation.

    Invested in making our world a better place, we have strong and enduring partnerships with other key New Zealand experts in the areas of planning, freshwater ecology and wetland designs. Together, we work to add value and help design world-leading projects focused on replenishing groundwater supplies to address the impacts of climate change.

  • On land or sea, our maritime and coastal engineers understand the design considerations unique to the marine environment, including materials durability, wave loads, ship berthing forces and tidal movements, all carried out on or over water. We provide maritime engineering expertise including port planning, feasibility studies, inspections, engineering design, project management and construction supervision.

  • Across the Resources Sector, we bring knowledge of site water management and geotechnical engineering, including tunnels and foundation dewatering, in site permitting and consenting.

    Working with our clients, we can support all facets of resource water management, including hydrology, hydraulics, hydrogeology, mine water quality and treatment assessment.

  • Across Australasia and New Zealand, we have access to an experienced group of engineers, drafters and technical specialists who work across various sectors.

    Our civil water team is highly regarded in the master planning and delivery of major development projects, including major ‘water proofing’ MAR projects, Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), constructed wetlands sites and stormwater management systems. In addition, we bring experience in wastewater system designs and a background in helping develop potable water supplies.

    Our engineers are industry leaders when it comes to the designs for Aquifer Storage and Recover (ASR) bore headworks, including the pumps and piping systems. Our ability to deliver innovative, buildable and economical solutions for civil projects is further strengthened by our in-house geotechnical expertise.

Featured Projects

Working country-wide across remote towns and dense cities, our team’s knowledge of the natural environment is second to none. Bringing international expertise to the local market, we don’t just deliver, we engage, collaborate and create bespoke solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients and communities, locally.


Hinds/Hekeao Groundwater Replenishment Programme

Waitaha (Canterbury)

Applying the Tools of Managed Aquifer Recharge

WGA led the development of New Zealand’s first regional rules around Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) focused on improving groundwater storage (quantity) and quality for various economic, cultural and environmental outcomes.

WGA’s innovative leadership in Mid-canterbury started in 2011 with the Hekaeo/Hinds river recharge trial testing project.

Since WGA spearheaded the development of Canterbury’s first successful 18 MAR sites leading to the development of MAR as a tool in the Hekeao/Hinds catchment. The Hinds/Hekeao MAR trial project and subsequent formation of the Hinds/Hekeao Water Enhancement Trust (HHWET) represents a project of national significance for New Zealand.

A community-driven catchment-scale approach to improving groundwater storage and influencing groundwater quality conditions while seeking to enhance and protect environmental and cultural values and outcomes is considered a game changer in water management. It is imperative as water quantity and quality are issues of major public concern and national point of debate. Implementing these rules, supported by MAR experts, is crucial to the success of this program and positive community and environmental outcomes.

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